Suggested Reading

 a short list 


Local bookstores may have books on the Alexander Technique (AT). However, these books are quite often not the most informative.

 The following books are highly recommended by Alexander teachers: 

-Use of the Self, by F.M. Alexander

-Freedom to Change, by Frank Pierce Jones

-Body Learning, by Michael Gelb

-Indirect Procedures: A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique, by Pedro de Alcantara

 The Use of the Self is a first-hand account of the evolution of the AT in the late 1800s by F.M. Alexander, who was an elocutionist suffering from vocal and breathing problems. Although some may not find it easy reading, it is the most complete description of the origin of the AT.

Freedom to Change is clearly written and includes chapters on the history of the AT, its basic principles and research conducted on this method by Frank Pierce Jones, an Alexander teacher and psychologist at Tufts University in Boston.

Body Learning is an excellent introduction to the AT, exploring its basic principles and well illustrated.

Indirect Procedures discusses the basic principles of the Alexander Technique and how they can be used in the study of music. Although it is written for musicians, it can be used and appreciated by anyone who seeks general knowledge about the AT or is working on acquiring a specialized skill.

 All of these books are available at the website for the American Society of the Alexander Technique,, as well as Amazon ( Public or university libraries may have these books too. MIT Libraries has a copy of Use of the Self and Indirect Procedures. Harvard College Libraries has copies of all of the books listed above, plus three others which were written by F.M. Alexander.