How the Technique is taught

The Alexander Technique is taught in private half-hour to hour lessons. It is not a series of treatments or exercises. Dressed in comfortable clothing, the student is guided by the teacher through a series of simple movements. He or she learns to observe and change habits that interfere with optimum functioning. Even the simplest activities -- ¬≠sitting, walking, talking -- ¬≠are both mental and physical, and many problems considered exclusively physical cannot be solved without involving thought processes as well. As students become aware of counter-productive patterns, they learn to change the habits that interfere with these simple daily activities. The teacher can then help them address more complex problems.

As students' kinesthetic senses become more refined, they can avoid potential problems before pain sets in and performance is affected. They acquire a highly practical skill: identifying and ending destructive patterns that interfere with how they move, learn, and react to their environment.